PRF-2011-1039 Van Loon/Janssen BC Cock

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PRF-2011-1039 Van Loon/Janssen BC Cock




Direct off ‘Moonlight Shadow’, 1st Acebird Middle Distance Club 2009, 1st Duffel 2244b., 1st Boxtel 177b., 1st Pommeroul 160b., 3rd Pommereul 14403b., 1st Peronne 73b., 3rd St Quentin 123b., 3rd Mantes 69b., 16th Combine 3177b., 4th Morlincourt 123b., 62nd Fed 1160b., 6th Geel 280b., 31st Fed 2146b., 6th Arras 247b., 33rd Combine 7527b., 7th Strombeek 277b., 35th Fed 2204b.


Dam of 1st Port Adleaide Group, 28th SAHPA Lyndhurst 502km, 4688birds

Full sister to ‘Carly’ 2nd National Orleans 15468 b., 5th Duffel 9877 birds, 7th Haasrode 4060 b., 7th Breuil 4032 b., 12th Duffel 3537 b., 19th NPO Bourges 3672b., 29th Bourges 1655 b., 31st Duffel 8792 b. as well as 6th Reg 2 Duffel 8792 b., 6th open 22011 b. & ‘Irma’, 8th National Chateauroux 9160b., 11th Nat. Chateauroux 4569b., 4th Chateauroux 3046b., 6th Duffel 8792b., 13th peronne 4331b., etc. G/daughter of “Troyes”, 1st National Troyes 11378 birds, 2nd Heverlee 6973 birds. G/dam of 2nd Ace pigeon middle distance Federation, 1st Tessenderloo 11682 birds, 3rd Peronne 2547 birds, 3rd Bourges 1834 birds, 5th National Bourges 3405 birds, 5th Duffel 9877 birds, 6th Lommel 10741 birds, 8th Pommeroeul 5613 birds, 9th Haasrode 2143 birds, 10th Harchies 1734 birds, 14th Boxtel 11821 birds, 16th Troyes 2278 birds, 30th Peronne 2547 birds, 33rd Chantilly 3834 birds, 34th National Troyes 10281 birds.