Buying a pigeon

Buying a pigeon should be a pleasant experience and we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable in the purchase of your new investment.

Step 1: Browse our Sales Centre for listing from our ‘Qualified Sellers’ which have proven to us to be quality suppliers.

Step 2: View all information, pedigrees and photographs relevant to the listing. Note that these documents, pedigrees and photographs have copyright restrictions and downloading requires written permission.

Step 3: Request any extra information via EMAIL THE AGENT

Step 4: Now you have gathered all the information and your options are clear you can comfortably make your decision to purchase in the comfort of your lounge room in your own time with no pressure sales with the exception of good quality birds and service.

Step 5: Now you have made the decision to purchase all you have to do is CONTACT US with the birds Ring No. or if you are pre ordering from a breeding pair then provide the pair number and your specific requirements along with your Name, Address, Email Address and contact number.

Step 6: We will contact you to verify your purchase and provide you with bank details where you can deposit your payment.

Step 7: Delivery and freight will be arrange at a time convenient to both parties.


Please note

  1. We provide as much information as possible on each bird listed for sale.
  2. Photographs are taken of breeding pairs currently mated and Stock Birds for sale.
  3. Pedigrees are available to view for each bird.
  4. If a bird does not have a pedigree then the price shall reflect that and “No Pedigree” shall be displayed clearly on the listing.
  5. Extra photographs will be posted upon request.
  6. All relevant information on the bird for sale will be posted in the birds listing
  7. If you need any other information, please CONTACT US by clicking the link.