PRF-2011-1030 Janssen Mealy Cock

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PRF-2011-1030 Janssen Mealy Cock

Double Grandson/GR GRANDSON OF THE VOS 916 Hereditary 62.5%

10 Years in the Planning to produce the concentrated bloodline within this Cock bird .. Based on The VOS 916, Which we at Four Seasons purchased and own .. A Breeder of Foundation Stock Birds, Bred from a Son of the Goede Vos of 79 and a daughter of 019, The Maternal Grand Dam of 916 being the mother James Bond “Annie”… … One of the most successful and leading bloodlines in the world today.

The VOS 916 is Sire and Grand Sire of

1st federation winners
Double Federation Winners
Foundation Stock birds..

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An Extract from Richard Clingan’s article

An example of the extent to which he went to obtain these birds is as follows. I will relate to you a short story which was a common enough happening over the years with many fanciers. (It wouldn’t be an Irish catalogue without a yarn. Would it? In 1995 I phoned him up asking if he could supply me with a pair of red cheq Janssens if he could find any to meet his criteria. Now this guy has at least 2000 birds at his disposal at any given time. He said quite bluntly but honestly that he did not have any he believed would meet the standard required. (His standard having nothing to do with any theories handling, eye sign or otherwise, just a top breeding background with a history of success and an excellent gut feeling) About 1 month later he phoned and said that he had come across a great cock bird at the Loft of the late Roy Spratley in London and that between us we could buy it for the princely sum of 2.000 pounds about $5000. I asked about the breeding of this bird before parting with my dollars and was told he was a son of the Goede Vos of 79 and a daughter of 019 (To those who do not know, the Vos of 79 was a son of the World Famous “Oude Vos of 73”) Exactly what the Doctor ordered a red cock with nothing but the old original Arendonk bloodlines. To cut a long story short, he was bought and paired up to a hen from the dam of the famous James Bond paired back to her sire’s brother the “05”. In other words a half sister of James Bond inbred on his grand sires side. This hen was at the time considered to be the outstanding producer in Ponderosa UK. My friend Alan Hunniset handled her and could barely control his excitement when describing her. This pair bred two for Tony, two for me which were the Vos 916 and his nest sister the Vos 915 and then we were made an offer for the cock of exactly the same money we paid for him. He was sold for 2005 pounds leaving us with a small profit of 5 quid.


An example of Birds down from the 916 include

Mike Nicholson’s REF A Complete sale in 2010.  Extract From Catalogue
GIPPS 99 35287

Sire, G/Sire & Gt/G/Sire of more than 40 Winners, including

Sire of 4th Fed Lyndhurst YBC,

8th Fed Lyndhurst, 10thFed Roxby
Downs, 13th Fed Little Topar,

twice 1st Club Carrieton,

2nd Club Carrieton,

2nd Club Yunta

3rd Club Farina YBC.

GrandSire to

1st& 4th Fed, Morundah,

1st Fed, Farina YBC,

1st& 2nd Fed Farina Open,

2nd & 3rdFed Farina Open,

1st Sth Derby & 3x Club 2nd’s,

4thFed Farina Open,

2ndClub, 6th Fed Farina YBC,

8thFed Lyndhurst,

1st Club Parachilna,

2nd & 3rd ClubHawker

3rd Club Broken Hill.
24th Assoc, Coleambally & 3rd Club Lyndhurst 8-Bird Special.

2nd Fed, Coober Pedy.

2 x1st clubStirling North,

8th, 11th & 13th Fed
Farina Open,

9th Fed Lyndhurst YBC & 3rd Club,

14th Fed Farina YBC,

12th Fed, Farina Open,

3rdclub Murrayville

2nd Club, 8th Fed, 28th
Assoc Lyndhurst Open,

3rd Club & 1st Fed & 8th Fed Moulemein,

2nd Club,7th Fed,Twins

, 7th Fed Boorooban,

14th Fed Farina & 1stClub Ouyen.

G/G Sire of 1st Fed Farina YBC,

1st Club Farina Open & 2nd Club Nhill.

1st club Cooberpedy

RED CH COCK GMPF 97 12963, bred by Tony Hayes and Richard Clingen’s Son of 916

This cock was purchased from richard clingen for a large sum of money and used in a breeding program and used to breed a number of stock pigeons, A lot of red janssens were bred around this red cock and paired him to some of his BEST hens to obtain pigeons for the stud, as this VOS LINE is highly SOUGHT AFTER,

Extract From Richard Clingan Sales Catalogue

Testimonials From Some Of Those Who

Have Experienced Success With Birds From Richard Clingans Loft.

Mike Nicholson (SEAFORD SA).

I became acquainted with Richard in 1999 and he impressed me first and foremost, as a gentleman, a person of character and one of good Irish humour to boot.

I was instantly taken with the calibre and quality of his pigeons and purchased a pair of Janssens from him a cock from Vos 916 and Sarah and a daughter of Golden Pride and Young Wishbone. Immediate success followed from these acquisitions and also from their offspring when crossed with two of Richard’s Janssen Stichelbauts. This led to the subsequent purchase of a pair of his Meulemans, which in turn, yielded the same excellent results on the track. I have not had a pigeon from Richard that has failed to produce the goods, which bears testament to a very genuine man, who knows his birds intimately.

High-order achievements (to my badly out-of-position loft), that can be directly attributed to the Clingan introductions include, numerous Top 10 SA Association, Federation and Club winners & placings and as a direct result, the attainment of back to back 1st Club Aggregates in years 2002 & 2003.

With the undoubted success of these introductions, I may now justifiably claim to be the fortunate Manager of a loft of ‘universal’ pigeons that perform from all distances (short & long), at all velocities (fast & slow), in all conditions (fair to foul) and at all levels of competition (Club to Assn).

Given the performances attained from the Clingan pigeons in my own experience, I would urge all fanciers contemplating a positive change of fortune in their racing, to do themselves a service by getting along to the upcoming Clearance Sales and by making an investment in their future success too, by purchasing some of the many quality birds on offer.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending these pigeons or the man putting them up for sale. Richard is indeed, a person of integrity, with pigeons that produce results.

Additional Pedigree Information

Sire; Owned by Four Seasons

Additional Pedigree Information

Dam – Bred & Owned by Four Seasons

Additional Pedigree Information

Double Grand Sire; VOS 916 – Owned by Four Seasons


Additional Pedigree Information

Dam’s Maternal Grand Sire; HORIZONS MERKX – owned by Four Seasons